Modular Building Transportation

Tailor-made for the construction industry

  • Full route planning
  • Optional escort vehicle support available
  • On-site management
  • Capable of transporting all types of buildings
  • Variety of fleet for all types of movement including hiab's, flats, low loaders and extender trailers

WS Transportation provides specialist abnormal load services throughout the UK and Ireland, including the transport of modular buildings. We provide full route planning and any escort services that are required through our own in-house sector.

Through our ability to communicate efficiently and effectively we ensure that loads arrive on site on time, and we coordinate with our customers to ensure loads are sequenced correctly to mirror on-site crane offloading schedules.

Out Of Gauge 

  • Specialist abnormal load service
  • Full route planning and escort service
  • Advanced communications to ensure on-site scheduling interface
  • Close coordination with the customer to ensure loads are sequenced correctly to mirror on-site crane offloading schedules
  • Variety of transport options including; flats, low loaders and extender trailers

Abnormal Load Support Services

We provide abnormal load escorting services providing en route support to load movements ensuring full compliance with all legal requirements

  • Full route planning and police notification  
  • Route survey
  • Traffic management plans
  • Event safety and support  
  • 24/7 services
  • Available throughout the UK

WS Transportation Flatbed Trailer

Max Payload 27 tonnes

WS Transportation Trombone Trailer

Max Payload 25.5 tonnes

WS Transportation Step Frame Trailer

Max Payload 24 tonnes